642 Things To Write About


#122 – A newly invented product that will change your life:

Do you want to write, but don’t know where to begin?  Chronicle Books has the solution! 642 Things to Write About is exactly what it claims to be. For more examples, see below:

#540 – Write a song:
One hundred and two more things to write/ Hurrah, hurrah/ One hundred and two more things to write/Hurrah! / So we’ll write one down with a verb and a noun and we’ll be the very best writers in town, hurrah!

#277 – Bad bar pickup lines:
Hey baby, if I had a book of 642 things to write about, I’d fill it with 642 odes to your butt.

#305 – What does writer’s block feel like?
Right now, it feels like a problem with 642 solutions

Leah Kenyon