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The Word for Woman is Wilderness is the most original and most enjoyable novel I’ve read in a long time. Abi Andrews has created in Erin, the novel’s protagonist, a singular narrative voice, one capable of employing and mixing diverse genres and modes with extraordinary aplomb and devastating humor. The World for Woman is Wilderness is part-novel, part-environmental treatise, part-feminist manifesto, part-scientific exploration. Altogether, it is a brilliant, entertaining, and often poignant account of one young woman’s journey to understand her relationship to the natural world and her place in contemporary society. Read this book. It is like nothing else you’ve ever read.


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ISBN: 9781937512798
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Published: Two Dollar Radio - March 19th, 2019

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These witty intelligent stories take us to Rome to Paris and to South East Asia and are full of insight into what it means to be a strong independent woman looking for connection and love in the world.  On one level the stories are evocative travelogues but the most heartfelt moments are often experienced alone, while passionate connections with others, though intense are short lived.   My favorite story is The Violet Hour for its badass beauty, its courage, its longing and ultimately its heartbreak.  This is a beautifully written and evocative debut collection.


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ISBN: 9781939650955
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Published: Santa Fe Writer's Project - May 2019

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When the Berlin Wall came down a new prosperity came into the lives of all East Germans, including the protagonist of Jenny Erpenbeck's Go, Went, Gone. But since this new prosperity couldn't be attributed to the East Germans' personal merit, by the same token the reduced prospects of African refugees in Berlin could not be blamed on them.  The refugees in question have made their way from war torn countries on the African continent to Italy and then to Berlin, where a German retiree finds himself caught up in their lives. This novel opens up more questions than it answers, but they are vital questions to contemplate.  This is a lucid, intelligent and deeply moving novel.



Go, Went, Gone Cover Image
By Jenny Erpenbeck, Susan Bernofsky (Translator)
ISBN: 9780811225946
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Published: New Directions Publishing Corporation - September 26th, 2017