The Chosen by Andrew Grant


The words of a dead man echo constantly through Erica’s mind as she and Leon embark on a dangerous quest to one of the most hostile places on the planet. They must find the ancient relic that can help bring the StarBorn Ones’ true nature to light. Meanwhile, the Legion is shocked as an attack from a long-time ally throws them into another war just as they are emerging from the War for Kain. Blake desperately leads the Legion against a force unlike any they have seen before. As the tides of war ebb and flow, it falls to Erica to save Alderia from a threat that hasn’t been seen in eons.

About the author

Andrew Grant is a 17-year-old high-school junior who lives in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. This is the conclusion to a trilogy he began when he was 15. The two previous books in the series are “The Black Hammer” and “The Blood-Bound Concordat.”

Cover illustration and design by Alla Dreyvitser

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