The Red Fields of Rosewall by Andrew Grant


FairLock. An idyllic land of peace where the roads are watched over by brave soldiers, the skies are filled with majestic wyverns and the riders they carry are the wonder of all the world. But when the people of FairLock face near-certain annihilation, a young noble named Asher must venture far from home to seek the aid his people so desperately need. Along his journey, he will visit distant lands, encounter new allies, face perilous challenges, and through it all, discover what it means to grow up in a world wrought with peril. Andrew Grant wrote his first novel at age 15; that first novel would become a dystopian tale that played out across The Alderian Trilogy. Now 18, Andrew turned to high fantasy for “The Red Fields of Rosewall.” He lives in suburban Washington, D.C. with his mother, twin brother and dog. He’ll be heading off to college in the fall. Read more at

Cover by Alla Dreyvitser

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