Maximize Your Memory for Work and School: A Complete Guide to Sharpening Your Mind and Enhancing Your Memory (Paperback)

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How many times have you had a thought or an answer "on the tip of your tongue" but couldn't quite remember what you were going to say? Forgetfulness is a common mishap felt my most people beginning at an early age and, according to new research, is a result of stress and pressure to recall information rapidly, as is often required in school and work settings. How many times have you been in an important meeting or exam and been unable to recall the necessary information needed to succeed? What if it was possible to exercise your mind in order to control access to your subconscious -- the part of your brain where memory resides?

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, some experts suggest that challenging the brain with such activities as reading, writing, learning a new skill, playing games, and gardening stimulates brain cells and the connections between the cells and may be associated with a lower risk of forgetfulness as you age. If you frequently find yourself forgetting simple thoughts and tasks or want to learn tricks to help you retain information as you are studying, this book will provide you with tips and strategies for increasing cognitive function and boosting your memory.

Maximize Your Memory For Work and School will provide you with the tools necessary to understand why forgetfulness occurs and determine whether your forgetfulness might be due to a more alarming medical problem. You will discover the major categories of memory, including short-term memory, mid-term memory, and long-term memory and how visualizations, sounds, and even smells can be associated with different memories, allowing you to remember events and concepts perfectly. You will master techniques and exercises for remembering important information, no matter the setting. Learn how to use mnemonic devices and rhymes to remember sayings, important dates, rules of thumb, and concepts quickly. Perform puzzles, tests of creativity and problem-solving skills, memory exercises, and mind agility and intelligence tests in this book to improve your ability to remember information rapidly.

Studying for exams and tests that may impact your future can put an enormous amount of pressure on a student's mind and emotions. Nervousness and stress can directly affect a student's ability to perform their best and may be the source of forgetfulness during crucial moments. You will grasp an effective method for studying and retaining information, increase memorization capacity and reading speed, improve study habits, and rapidly recall information needed to excel.

In the workplace, forgetfulness can mean the difference between a promotion and unemployment. As we age, forgetfulness happens more frequently. You will receive practical advice for improving the memory of older adults. Learn how nutrition, physical exercise, stress, and sleep impact memory abilities. You will create a memory enhancement program that works with your job and lifestyle and discover tips and tactics for ways you can change common behaviors to circumvent forgetfulness.

We have spent hundreds of hours interviewing neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists and physicians, and people just like you who can provide you with tips and creative ideas for overcoming forgetfulness and the impacts of aging on one's memory. If temporary memory loss is impacting your grades or threatening your career, this book will help you sharpen your mind.

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ISBN: 9781601385826
ISBN-10: 160138582X
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group (FL)
Publication Date: December 30th, 2015
Language: English

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