Old Edgemoor by Frederic G. Berner, Jr.


In the fall of 1909, 28-year-old Walter Tuckerman persuaded mentors and friends to join him in touring an old farm on the outskirts of Washington, DC and in financing its development into a planned community like Tuxedo Park, NY. With the help of his wife Edith and friends, “Tuck” transformed the farm into “Old Edgemoor,” the finest residential neighborhood and first commercial center of Bethesda, Maryland -- now an important suburb of our Nation’s Capital.

The famous artist N.C. Wyeth was the architect of only one residence in his lifetime. It was one of the first Edgemoor homes and remains standing today. Other homes were built by acclaimed architects in Tudor Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, and American Colonial styles. The first residents included the Tuckerman family; kin of Johns Hopkins and Francis Dodge; and the family of Charles S. Robb, whose grandson and namesake is former Virginia Senator and Governor “Chuck” Robb. The development of Old Edgemoor before World War I, during the war years, and through the Twenties is revealed through newspaper articles and private papers describing family life, residential architecture, the Edgemoor Club, and plans for financing the community and its second streetcar line.

This very first history of Old Edgemoor is artfully crafted, well-documented, and written in an entertaining and captivating style. It will appeal to past and present residents of Edgemoor and neighboring communities in Maryland and Washington, D.C. Realtors, architects, and historians will find this book to be of particular interest.

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