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What A's Not For by Ulysses Poe



“To frivolophiles asking, ‘Where’s our century’s Lear, our contemporary Carroll?’ I say, ‘You hold him in your hands.’” -- Sgt. N. (“Jim”) Smithe-Magee

“People are telling me [Poe’s] work is the bigliest bunch of nonsense, maybe, ever in history, ever.” -- D. J. Tromp-deL’oell

“Like all fine nonsense doggerel, [Ulysses’s] verses lead attentive readers everywhere and nowhere. So: just where do you think you’re going?” --Ollie Poe (no relation)

“…thoroughly pleasant to know. ‘Tis brillig, for borogoves’ sake. What are you waiting for? Outgrabe…then grab several copies!” --Carole Learie

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