The Code Hunters by Jackson Coppley


In The Code Hunters, an ancient tablet is discovered deep in the earth that sends an unlikely team on a mission that will change the future. Coppley introduces the reader to Nicholas Foxe, a wealthy anthropologist compelled to decipher the tablet’s code.



The Code Hunters grabs you right from the start and doesn’t let go. Mysterious, mischievous, murderous with a spattering of mayhem and romance, it is a great read.”–Walter F. Curran, Author of The Young Mariner series.

The Code Hunters is a superb example of speculative fiction at its best and a thriller to read.  Fantastic situations are introduced to the reader to ponder as the tension mounts and the team progresses toward the end of the book. Highly recommended.” –Frank Hopkins, Author of Abandoned Homes: Vietnam Revenge Murders

“A good read. If you liked Dan Brown, you’ll enjoy The Code Hunters.”
–William J. Kennedy, Author of the Jonathan West series


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