The Great Balancing Act by Danielle Sklarew


Meyer Aaron Wolpe first encountered Sarah Rebecca Wolpe almost 4,500 miles away from where they were born. How strange it must have been, to meet someone from practically the same place of birth in a completely new environment. Their native land, the province of Kovno in the Russian Empire (today, Lithuania) was an incredibly long journey away from the place where they first connected, Charles Town, West Virginia. However, despite the drastic distance between these places, there must have been some feeling of familiarity. The small town, the farming environment, and also finding someone from home to begin a life together. These similarities brought comfort to a place that was so new and distant. This balance, between new and old, similar and dissimilar, was something that Meyer and Sarah maintained in the duration of their experiences together. This is the story of their intersecting lives.

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