Saintsville (Hardcover)

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Watch out, saints. The sinners have come home.

Eve and Maggie Abbott are desperate. Out of money, and options, they are forced to move into one very old house. It happens to have belonged to their dead grandmother, but the rent is cheap, and the location is killer. That last sentence is a joke, unless you’re into a “middle of nowhere” vibe—and cows.

Welcome to Saintsville, population…too small to matter.

Poor girls. Their parents died four years prior, and Eve has been raising Maggie ever since. Correction: trying to raise her, but failing miserably. Attempting to adjust to their new surroundings, life becomes a boring routine of work and school, until one fateful day.

A moving truck, preceded by a sleek black hot rod, pulls up to the abandoned shack across the field. Out pour five brothers. Attractive, tall, tattooed, and lethal. But why are all their tattoos the same?

What are the new neighbors hiding? And why does Eve have a funny feeling that it has something to do with her?

Lock your doors. Close your blinds. The clock is ticking. And the Abbotts? They’re almost out of time.

About the Author

Brittani Louise Taylor is an actress, artist, influencer, and the nerdiest cool person you will ever meet. On Youtube alone, her videos have been viewed 260 million times. She grew up with her nose in a book, and little did she know that she would now have written two. The first, a heartbreaking memoir about her story of survival, and now this—her action-packed debut into the world of literary fiction.

Brittani also has a weakness for organic food, cycling, kittens, and she secretly dreams of one day becoming a contestant on The Bachelor. She also dabbles in sarcasm, is a kick-butt mother, and currently resides in Arizona surrounded by cactus.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781682619100
ISBN-10: 1682619109
Publisher: Permuted Press
Publication Date: July 7th, 2020
Pages: 240

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