Trials of Resilience: How Covid-19 is Driving Economic Change in the Arab Gulf (Hardcover)

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A century on from the Paris Peace Conference that redrew the map of the Middle East, and the region has endured constant conflict. Alongside the military and economic wars, the West and Arab states have fought to control public opinion by managing the narratives that explain and validate their actions. This story charts the often hidden information war, from the propaganda coup of the entry of British forces into Jerusalem in 1917 to the campaign of perception management that sold the case for regime change in Saddam’s Iraq in 2003. As the West has embraced the abstractions of public diplomacy and soft power, the propagandists of Islamic State have developed global reach and impact using a simple message and cutting edge digital and social media to generate publicity and harvest recruits. In the Trump era of fake news, media manipulation, and cyber warfare, the battle to control public opinion in the post Arab Spring Middle East has raised the stakes for winners and losers.

About the Author

Jarmo T. Kotilaine has held a range of positions in the financial services sector and at government-related entities in the Gulf region, including the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia and the Bahrain Economic Development Board. He writes widely in the regional media on economic financial market issues. He previously worked for a number of years as an economic and financial consultant with a primary focus on financial sector development in emerging markets.

Dr. Kotilaine studied economics and economic history at Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard.

Vyvyan Kinross is a PR and communications specialist, advising governments on how to set up and manage their information and communications capacity. He has most recently worked in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. In 2013, he was contracted as Senior Advisor in Public Administration & Organizational Capacity Development at the United Nations Office for Project Services, Copenhagen as an expert in PR and corporate communications systems in fragile and post-conflict states. Vyvyan is a member of the executive of the Council for Arab British Understanding.

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ISBN: 9781908531193
ISBN-10: 1908531193
Publisher: Gilgamesh Publishing
Publication Date: December 1st, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English

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