Guided Journal: PEACE OF MIND - Leave Your Troubles Behind and Find That Inner Peace for a Happy Life (Paperback)

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How many times have you, or another adult in your life, said the words "I just don't have the energy I used to have."? Most adults know the feeling of looking at the energy children have as they run about, enjoying life, exploring their surroundings, and never seeming to grow tired. Many of us are left reflecting back on the distant past when we, too, had such energy and wondering where it went.

We live in a society that thrives off of consumerism. We are flooded with images of how the next vacation, new pair of shoes, nicer car, nicer house, or perfect partner will make us happy, and all of the things we need to change about ourselves in order to fulfill those things. Eventually, all the energy we had as a child starts going towards maintaining our image in society, trying to have all the "best" life has to offer (which always happens to be everything we do not have), and attempting to be as "successful" as possible in the eyes of society and other people. With no time to rest in the present moment, recharge, and appreciate what we already have, it is no wonder, so many of us are completely drained of energy. In such a fast-paced society that discourages breaks, our energy will become depleted, and we will find ourselves thrown out of balance and unable to obtain true happiness and well-being. Over time, this depletion and imbalance can lead to a sense of spiritual disconnection, extreme mental health issues, and an increased risk of physical pain, illness, and even earlier death.

In This Book You Will Learn:

Energy Healing- The Key to Holistic Health

Energy Healing and Overcoming Suffering

Energy and Grief/Trauma

Daily Energy Regulation

The Daily Energy Healing Journey

Understanding Your Energy Field: Daily Energy Healing Meditation with Journaling

Protecting Your Energy Field:

Healing Through Trapped Emotion Release:

Cultivating Self-Trust in your Healing Journey

Mini Meditation Toolbox: 25 Quick and Easy Energy Restoration and Protection Meditations

Unlocking Your True Purpose Through Mindfulness

Re-centering Yourself

Giving Your Emotions Space

Fostering True Joy

Moving Mindfully in Daily Life

Coming to the Present Moment

And Much More

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ISBN: 9781913710941
ISBN-10: 1913710947
Publisher: Readers First Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: May 31st, 2021
Pages: 172
Language: English

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