Derek The Dragon Series: Books 1-4 (Paperback)

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Derek the Dragon


Do your kids ever feel sad?

Do they have trouble making friends?

An amazing story for all ages to enjoy, aimed at children 0-5 years of age. Watch as Derek the Dragon learns about the meaning of happiness in this tale. Come and meet an adventurous dormouse who decides that he can change his lot in life and through caring about others he ends up saving his village. The story is told through rhyming verse and vivid illustration. Derek the Dragon contains a great message about caring and friendship for parents to share with their children.

Derek the Dragon and Princess Dayna


Do you or your kids have trouble with people who are different?

Do your kids have trouble making friends?

This is a terrific story aimed at kids 0-5, and yet, it is fun for the whole family to read and enjoy. Derek the Dragon, the dormouse, Devin and Princess Dayna all learn a lot about friendship. The book deals with misunderstandings and stereotypes, but in a way that is very palatable for little children to understand. The villagers are worried about a dragon flying around their village. They send their princess off to deal with the situation. The story is told in rhyming verse and featuring dynamic illustrations. It is a story for the whole family to enjoy.

Derek the Dragon and the Tooth Ache

Are your kids afraid of the dentist?

Do you have a problem getting them to brush their teeth?

This book is's great story for children from 2 to 82 and fun for the whole family. Not many people enjoy the dentist, but it is a necessary part of life. When a dragon has a tooth ache this is a very big deal. His friends Devin the dormouse and Princess Dayna go along to help him find the courage to see Dr. Brushright. The story is brought to life through vivid illustrations and told in rhyming verse. Aimed at kids 0-5 this book tackles real life issues in a way that makes it very palatable for kids of all ages.

Derek the Dragon and the Missing Socks

Do your kids forget to clean up their rooms?

Have they ever asked you to find things for them?

This story is pure family entertainment. It is great for kids 2-82 but it is aimed at the 0-5 age group. The book covers a very important life skill, cleaning. Derek the dragon does not like to clean, but he learns that he needs to get his house clean if he is ever going to find his lucky socks. Devin the dormouse comes to help his friend and shows him the way to get his house clean. The friends clean the cave and find the lucky socks. The story is brought to life through vivid illustrations and is told in rhyming verse.

Product Details
ISBN: 9789657019429
ISBN-10: 9657019427
Publisher: Heirs Publishing Company
Publication Date: December 26th, 2018
Pages: 72
Language: English

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