This little gem, packaged anew in New Directions Pearls collection, is a must for anyone who writes, creates, or who is interested in where the best art comes from. Lorca's short essay collection on the duende, or deep song, calls on the darkest part of a writer, in effect coming "face to face with death" to create true art. The essays are intermixed with several of Lorca's poems, serving as examples of his own search for duende. A wise poetry professor in graduate school told me to buy this book and keep it with me always. My copy is already so worn and marked up, I'll probably have to keep buying it again and again.

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During her life, Emily Dickinson rightly suspected that her unconventional poems would baffle—even shock—her contemporaries. Later readers have gotten used to her dashes, hymn meters, and slant rhymes, but her tight, riddling lyrics are still a challenge. However, the rewards of reading DICKINSON (Harvard Univ., $35) are many, and there’s no better companion in this endeavor than Helen Vendler, author of studies on Yeats, Stevens, Herbert, and many modern poets. She brings to this selection of 150 Dickinson poems a lifetime of close reading and an amazing ability to empathize with the poet’s position, articulating what Dickinson tried to do, the problems she faced, and how she resolved them. Each commentary addresses formal and thematic elements of a given poem and draws on the poet’s biography and reading, including citations from the 1844 Webster’s Dickinson consulted. Vendler offers a wealth of insight and information, suggesting readings but never closing off options. In each two-to-five-page essay she says more, and says it more clearly, than many critics do in entire books.

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For over 50 years, the South African Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer has been contributing to the intellectual discourse on race, politics, and literature by creating characters in her stories and novels, and by focusing directly on the issues of the day in her essays and reviews. TELLING TIMES (W.W. Norton, $39.95), a collection of her nonfiction since 1954, shows her as an outspoken opponent of apartheid, while her fiction, such as the work gathered from all stages of her career in LIFE TIMES (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $30), presents the daily humiliations and dangers of trying to live within this crippling system. Gordimer’s immense insight, wisdom, and storytelling skills come through in every genre she writes. These two collections chart the growth and long career of a brilliant, world-class writer.

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