When I was almost finished, I started consciously slowing down my reading of THE PEOPLE OF FOREVER ARE NOT AFRAID because I was so unhappy at the idea of this book's ending. Shani Boainjiu has written an extraordinary novel about Israeli youth who are a generation removed from their country's turbulent political genesis, and are now trying to navigate the universal act of coming of age in the midst of an ancient conflict they have coincidentally inherited. Three girls - Yael, Avishag, and Lea - pass the story telling around like one of their childhood games of Exquisite Corpse, unpacking juvenile ennui alongside very real and immediate war. There are few books out there that will bind you as closely to its protagonists as this one does. I recommend getting an extra copy for a friend, because you will want to discuss this with someone after you've finished.

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Anna Deavere Smith's "documentary theater" is part pioneering research, part expert editing, part mimicry, and ten parts brilliance. Smith interviewed hundreds of people affected by the 1992 Los Angeles riots, from the law enforcement, to the jurors who let the cops go, to those blithely unconcerned with the roiling city, and then edited their verbatim responses into a series of monologues that interconnect and form a beautifully wrought whole. Perhaps the most remarkable achievement of the play is how outstanding it is even without Smith's live acting - it reads quickly, and you will finish the play wiser and more interested in humanity than you were when you started.
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Charlie and Eli Sisters are two California gold rush era hit men with hearts of, if not gold, then at least silver. Patrick DeWitt's pitch perfect gallows humor permeates this Western that is anything but trope, and the prose clips along so quickly you'll find you've finished the novel in a matter of hours. The story follows the infamous Sisters brothers as they travel from Oregon to California to carry out a hit and learn some illuminating facts about their target along the way. Populated by incredibly well-crafted characters and narrated with a unique and wickedly entertaining voice, The Sisters Brothers will be one of the most enjoyable novels you read this year.
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