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Taking place mere moments after the events of Hyperion, this novel is framed from the perspective of a cyborg of the poet John Keats whose origin and purpose remains obscure—even to himself. Keats reflects on the acedia of a civilization, dependent on omniscient AI, spoiled with instantaneous interplanetary travel, as it spirals out into a calculated interplanetary war. Wrapping up the narratives of the travelers from the first novel as they confront the Shrike monster, Fall of Hyperion raises large and ambitious questions.

The Fall of Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos #2) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780553288209
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Published: Spectra - November 1st, 1995

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This atmospheric, occasionally lyrical, sci-fi is formatted around Boccacio’s 14th century novel about seven character sharing stories as they shelter from the plague, The Decameron. The seven narrators must travel to the planet of Hyperion on the eve of interplanetary war to face the Shrike. Each traveler has a distinct voice and style: transcendent, violent, poetic, sad, mysterious, and romantic. With complex and layered world building, Simmons discreetly weaves together a civilizational epic of our ecological and philosophical decline through compelling personal stories.

Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos #1) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399178610
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Published: Del Rey - August 15th, 2017

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In this cerebral biography of Le Philosophe, Denis Diderot, Andrew S. Curran deftly captures the intellectual climate of the Ancien Regime and brings the encyclopaedist’s humor, intelligence and creativity to life. Curran argues Diderot was the pre-modern postmodernist par excellence, tackling issues of truth, subjectivity, sexuality, atheism, slavery, democracy and even hyperlinking. As Diderot was ever oriented towards posterity, one cannot but help wonder what he would think of his portrayal as carefree genius with a penchant for philandering, pondering and postulating. Organized thematically, Curran’s book has a certain logic even if it lacks a certain beauty, not entirely unlike an encyclopedia.

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ISBN: 9781590516706
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Published: Other Press - January 15th, 2019