Edward O. Wilson’s Letters to a Young Scientist (Liveright, $21.95) might be subtitled “letters from a young scientist,” so fresh and exuberant is this eminent biologist about his work, even after sixty years in the field and nearly thirty books. Wilson’s twenty letters blend practical advice about choosing a specialty, navigating the demands of academia, and functioning in science without being a math whiz, with examples—adventure stories, really—of the scientific method in action as he guides readers to the world in a rotting tree stump and tracks down elusive species in places as far flung as Vanuatu, Sri Lanka, and, when he truly was a young scientist, Rock Creek Park. As much as hard work, knowledge, and talented colleagues matter to a solid scientific career, Wilson believes that “the ideal scientist thinks like a poet and only later works like a bookkeeper.” Emphasizing the creative side of science, Wilson extols passion, dreams, and a spirit of play—scientists of all ages should set up the odd experiment for the sheer delight in seeing what will happen.

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Summer is the ideal time to begin an exercise regime or to analyze and refine your current workout habits. Is it best to stretch before or after exercise? What is interval training, and does it provide the same benefits as a longer workout? Is ice or heat better for tired muscles? Gretchen Reynolds examines these questions and more in The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer (Plume, $16). The science is clear: exercise helps ward off myriad maladies and increases the length and quality of life. But you may need to think about how much and what kind of exercise is best for you and what you hope to accomplish, from improved health to fitness to increased athleticism. Reynolds’s writing will keep you reading, and sometimes laughing; but more importantly, it will motivate you to get out and start moving!

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The term “boomerang generation” is common fodder for New York Times trend pieces, but in The Smart One (Knopf, $24.95), the first novel by local author Jennifer Close, the Coffey family, with its trio of grown children, is anything but common. Claire, the middle sister, has just cancelled her wedding and left her life in New York City.  Martha, a registered nurse and the eldest of the siblings, has been home for seven years, working at J. Crew.  Their mother, Weezy, oversees the family while keeping a secret from her husband and her children.  Adding to the mix is the return home after college of Max, the youngest, with his intimidatingly beautiful girlfriend and secrets of his own.  Close tells the Coffeys’ story with pathos, just as she did those of the Girls in White Dresses, her earlier story collection.  A talented writer, Close imbues her characters with humor and insight, sometimes hard-earned.

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