Simon Mawer’s new novel starts with a cliffhanger: a woman parachutes into occupied France. This is operation Trapeze (Other Press, $15.95) and British Marian, aka Alice, is about to become French Anne-Marie— but will her partners be there to catch her when she falls? Based on the true story of one of the 53 women recruited by Britain’s Special Operations Executive to work undercover with the French Resistance, Mawer’s fiction vividly evokes a time of danger and privations and dramatizes how the war effort commandeered private as well as public lives. It’s also an insightful and fascinating depiction of a woman’s experience in a high-stakes man’s world. As he did so powerfully in Mendel’s Dwarf and The Glass Room, Mawer again keeps multiple tonalities in play, the spy thriller making room for a complicated love story, and the treacheries of wartime espionage leading to the laws of atomic physics—all conveyed in prose that’s as lyrically descriptive as it is cleanly factual.
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ISBN: 9781590515273
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Published: Other Press - May 1st, 2012

Musician Josh Ritter’s debut novel, Bright’s Passage (Dial Press, $14), is a haunting and beautiful fable told in the lyrical prose of a gifted storyteller. The tale of Henry Bright, just back from the Great War, recently made a father and a widower, is sometimes harrowing, sometimes humorous and always breathtaking. After watching the destruction of the only home he has ever known, Henry, with his infant son, flees from his vicious father-in-law; the two are joined by an angel who has taken the form of a horse. From Appalachia to the trenches of France, Bright’s Passage takes the reader on a journey towards certain redemption.
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ISBN: 9780812981841
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Published: Dial Press Trade Paperback - May 15th, 2012

Describing The Buddha in the Attic (Anchor, $13.95) as merely “poetic” would be damning with faint praise. Julie Otsuka’s writing is spare but manages to conjure up incredible detail with well-selected phrases that bring to mind great poetry. But the novel surpasses line and verse; the women of the story live and breathe and suffer, and the reader can feel their beating pulses. Winner of a PEN/Faulkner Prize and finalist for the National Book Award, this novel tells the story of Japanese women who came to America to marry men they had never seen. The narrative carries the wives’ stories forward through assimilation into American society and conveys the indignity of their internment during the Second World War. The individual voices of these women are combined by the author into a finely wrought chorus, both beautiful and heartbreaking.

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ISBN: 9780307700001
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Published: Knopf - August 23rd, 2011

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ISBN: 9780307744425
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Published: Anchor - March 20th, 2012