When 11-year-old Effie finds herself dropped off at a long-lost aunt’s house in the middle of the night she has no plans on staying past the morning. After all, her aunt is loud and bossy and doesn’t know what to do with Effie, but there is something enticingly strange about Selimene and her kind-hearted roommate, Carlotta. Effie finds herself drawn into their world and soon enough Effie becomes an apprentice to The Witches of Brooklyn. In this spellbinding graphic novel Sophie Escabasse masterfully takes on grief, growing up and finding your place in a newly formed family. Ages 8-12. Heidi Ashton Yoon

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ISBN: 9780593125281
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Published: Random House Graphic - September 1st, 2020

While we may see some monsters hiding in the dark, perhaps with sharp white teeth and squiggly green ears, all it takes is a little courage to overcome our fears and say Go Away, Big Green Monster! (LB Kids, $13.99). With bright colors, traceable shapes, and revealing cut outs, Ed Emberley’s classic helps readers build a creature one creepy detail at a time, while also giving them the power to banish it away bit by bit. Ages 2-5. Leah Meadvin

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ISBN: 9780316236539
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Published: LB Kids - April 1st, 1993

Yadriel, a trans boy, needs his traditional Latinx family to see him for the powerful brujo he is—but they refuse to acknowledge his gender. In an attempt to prove himself by finding the ghost of his murdered cousin, he summons a different spirit instead: that of Julian Diaz, a handsome local teen who also died under suspicious circumstances. Julian needs closure to move on, and Yadriel is the only person who can help him get it. As the two Cemetery Boys (Swoon Reads, $17.99) work together to solve at least one paranormal mystery, they find themselves growing closer than they thought a human and a ghost could be. Tenderly romantic and edge-of-your-seat mysterious, Aiden Thomas’ debut novel is perfect for spooky season or anytime at all. Ages 14 and up. Elli Bloomberg

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ISBN: 9781250250469
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Published: Swoon Reads - September 1st, 2020